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About The Team



The Reapers were founded in 2019.  Our team is run by a board of directors and our organization is a 501(c)3 non-profit. 

The Reapers Women's Football team provides female athletes 18 and over an opportunity to play full-contact football in a positive environment where the expectation is that honesty, integrity, and sportsmanship are embraced by every participant.

The Reapers are a women’s tackle football team in New England. Bringing together players from many former area teams. The Reapers incorporated in 2019 under the leadership of former players, Sonya Fluskey and Savannah Sargent.

The team is comprised of some of the best athletes in Connecticut and New York. Off the field, our players are educators, entrepreneurs, athletic trainers, police officers, business owners, and more.

The Reapers are currently owned by player Sonya Fluskey. Our management team is boosted by the expertise of coaches, skilled athletic trainers, and a small army of dedicated volunteers.

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